la croix et la bannière

La croix et la bannière refers to a French expression. It’s all about the great complications to organize a procession in grand pageantry. As in any kind of procession, for more than ten years now, the Helvetic cross is nevertheless brandished at the head of each international surfing competition.

Santa Cruz (Portugal), 2019.

According to the meaning of this expression, while a procession is on, formalities, interactions, dress code, rules of precedence between the participants, all this… could become very complicated to do things correctly. Especially by sparing sensibilities.

And swiss banner gets brandished during every single heats

Lucas Carslisle is the very first swiss surfer to get into final heat during an international surf comp.

Santa Cruz (Portugal), 2019
This first body of works is a photographic witnessing about these swiss athletes, singurlarly involved in settling surf culture. While a landlocked country gets opened to Ocean Spirit…

All photos from the European Championship (2019). Social Media content for Swiss Surfing Association.

© Thomas Bonderf